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'Reading is fun' book display

Create an interest in reading by having a variety of books on display like art, craft, nature, history, facts and science books. Don't make the mistake of only displaying children's books. Adult books are very much appreciated by children. They like looking at photographs of nature and reading more in-depth explanations, instead of cartoon drawings and short descriptions.

What you need:

  • Access to a good variety of books. Use the local library, the school's library, your own or ask friends.
  • Display the books in an interesting way. Students could help design the display. Keep size and colour in mind when co-ordinating the display.
  • Make and display a poster or banner that reads:  'Reading is Fun' You can make this yourself or have students create one for you.
  • Allow students to browse through other books of equal quality stacked on a separate table or on the floor. This helps to prevent your display being dismantled by eager readers.
  • Interact with the students by asking them if they can locate the author's name, where it was printed, the index, copyright page etc.

photo of a book display

'Reading is Fun' display by teacher assistant Margaret
from West Australia was a great success.

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(by Ingrid Griggs)

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