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MONKEYS... Some monkeys enjoy living high up in the tree tops. They are good climbers and love monkey-ing about. Monkeys eat fruits, insects, plants and they don't even mind the odd bird egg. They use their strong arms to swing from branch to branch, firmly holding on with their hands.
BIRDS... The most remarkable feature of a bird are the feathers. A bird depends on its feathers for its powers of flight. The wing feathers must not become separated from each other in flight and the whole wing must maintain a smooth surface if it is to give lift and aerodynamic control that the bird requires.
DONKEYS... Until recently donkeys in Australia were the object of ridicule and derision. Although classified as vermin in Western Australia and inferior to the horse, donkeys are being kept as pets more and more. Instead of donkeys being tinned as pet food they are now often sold as love-able pets to eager buyers.
DOGS... Dogs must be cared for properly. Regular exercise is important as well as balanced diet, clean bedding, vaccination and a good wash-up every now and then. Remember the work involved in keeping a dog before you purchase or accept one as a gift. You are responsible for its well-being!
BEARS... The grizzly, or brown bear, is one of 8 species of bears found in the world. Two well-known species in North America are the polar bear and the American black bear. The other species are the sun bear, the sloth bear, the Asian black bear, the giant panda bear and the spectacled bear which lives in South America.
SEA CREATURES... Sharks are the best hunters in the sea and beautiful creatures of the deep. With their sharp teeth and strong jaws they can tear up seals, turtles, fish, people and if they get really annoyed they'll even tear up a small boat. Leave a shark alone and generally it will leave you alone, most sharks are more scared of you and will soon swim away.
SNAKES... Snakes are reptiles that lay eggs, breathe with lungs and have skins covered with scales. Reptiles are cold-blooded and their temperature depends on their surroundings. Snakes are found all over the world except in the Antarctic. You can find the Adder and the Viper snakes all over Europe and across Asia.


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