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The grizzly, or brown bear, is one of 8 species of bears found in the world. Two well known species in North America are the polar bear and the American black bear. The other species are the sun bear, the sloth bear, the Asian black bear, the giant panda bear and the spectacled bear which lives in South America. In the 1800's and 1900's grizzly bears were portrayed as ferocious, malicious beasts, only good for hunting, shooting and turning into a rug or fur coat by the European settlers.

When a bear hibernates it goes into a sleep like state in which the animal's body system slows down dramatically. It's best not to wake them as they will be very cranky if you do, your safety cannot be guaranteed! The great brown bear was feared by the Native American, but that did not stop them from hunting it for food and using the skin and fur for clothing and the claws for jewelry.

When the settlers moved across the American West, grizzly habitats vanished. Grizzlies were trapped, shot and poisoned because they thought the bears would attack their livestock and themselves. In order to protect the bears we need to protect their habitats. Protecting wilderness areas not only saves mountains, glaciers, rivers and old forests from destruction but also our bears... play the bear facts game

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Make bear masks and get involved in a play.
For younger students try paper plates and brown paper strings with students painting the face.
When finished try acting out a short play such as Goldilocks and the three bears.
For older students you could try paper mash or woolly material.
Write a short play together and present it as a drama project.

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