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They say a dog is man's best friend, how true in many cases. Sometimes it can become the opposite though and certain dogs may become vicious and will have to be destroyed before they can cause bodily harm to humans. Never tease a dog or it may become a bad tempered animal.

Dogs must be cared for properly. Regular exercise is important as well as a balanced diet, clean bedding, vaccination and a good wash-up every now and then. Remember the work involved in keeping a dog before you purchase or accept one as a gift. You are responsible for its well-being!

Choose a dog to suit the size of your yard. Don't get a big dog if your garden is small, this will only lead to a frustrated dog and often the dog will cause damage to your garden. Eventually the dog often ends up in a dog pound to be destroyed if no other home can be found quickly.

Urban dogs like poodles, may be able to adapt to a farm setting but some urban dogs will always remain city or town dogs and would become a burden on the farm. Choose your dog carefully!

Farm breed dogs would hate living in the city and will soon let you know by unpleasant behaviour. It is in their nature to hunt or round up sheep. They are too active for a tiny city backyard (urban area).... Play the Interactive Dog Game

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1: Write a poem about a dog.

2: Check out how many dogs there are for sale in the newspaper. Make a table listing how many dogs are for sale to make money, how many dogs are free to a good home, how many dogs are lost/found etc. Discuss what these figures represent or mean. Are the findings disturbing?

3: Do a survey. Find a nearby park and spend 10 minutes observing people. Count how many people have a dog with them. Note the type of dog if possible. Also write down the amount of people you count who do not have a dog with them, can you tell why they are in the park? Relaxation, walking, jogging, playing, lunch break etc.

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