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interesting facts about horses and donkeys

Donkey looking over fence   Donkey is children's pet

Horses were used by 'Highwaymen' and these men were often thought of as dashing heroes but nothing could be further from the truth. They were often cruel and ruthless men. One famous highway man was Dick Turpin and his horse Black Bess. Masked highwaymen on horseback once plagued the roads of many countries. They stopped at nothing as they held up and robbed mail coaches and travelers alike. They would even steal the victim's horse if it was better than theirs! In those days you did not travel at night.

Although horses do not reason in the same way as humans do, they are intelligent and sensitive and have excellent memories. A little bribe can make the difference between an obedient horse and an impossible one. Don't over-bribe a horse though or you'll create a nightmare for yourself. Everything in small doses!

Until recently donkeys in Australia were the object of ridicule and derision. Although classified as vermin in WA and inferior to the horse, donkeys are being kept as pets more and more. Instead of donkeys being tinned as pet food they are now often sold as love-able pets to eager buyers. They make brilliant first riding companions for small children.

Did you know that meat is poisonous to a donkey? Never give a donkey meat, it may become very sick and could even die. Check out some books or web sites about how to feed a donkey properly. You don't want a sick donkey! Donkeys, like horses are great helpers when there is work to be done. Don't overload them though or you'll loose a friend. If you intend riding a donkey you might consider the right shoes for it (just like a horse) or you could damage its feet.... try our interactive game to test your knowledge

project ideas   Picture of some horses

Observe a horse's or donkey's behaviour for a short time. Take notes on their behaviour.
Draw a picture of the horse or donkey you're observing. Draw with the real animal in front of you. Take your sketch and notes back to class or home and write an essay about your observations, include your drawing. If you have the opportunity collect a couple of strands of hair from the horse's or donkey's tail and tape these to your essay. Notice the thickness of the hair?

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