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interesting facts about monkeys and apes


Monkeys live high up in the tree tops. They are good climbers and love monkey-ing about. Monkeys eat fruits, insects, plants and they don't even mind the odd bird egg. They use their strong arms to swing from branch to branch, firmly holding on with their hands.

Monkeys like looking good and spend a lot of time grooming each other. They like being clean and help each other with this big job every day. Monkeys usually live together in groups. This way they have each other's company and they are also safer from predators.

When a group is large, there are more eyes and ears to watch and listen and to raise the alarm from predators such as eagles, hawks or cats. There are many varieties in the monkey and ape families like lemurs, marmosets, tamarins, macaques, baboons, gibbons, chimpanzees, orang-utan and gorillas.

Many monkeys and apes are endangered because their habitats are being destroyed. We should preserve their homes because if we don't they will become extinct... try our interactive monkey game

project ideas  lemur

Choose a monkey to write about.
Either write a true story or fiction but make sure to include proper scientific facts such as:
where the monkey lives, what it eats, if they're endangered etc.

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