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interesting facts about under water wonders

Under water picture of a sea snake, fish and coral  Picture of fish and coral

Sharks are the best hunters in the sea. With their terrible teeth and huge jaws they can tear up seals, turtles, fish, people and if they get really annoyed they'll even tear up a small boat. Leave a shark alone and generally it will leave you alone, most sharks are more scared of you and will soon swim away. Be shark sensible!

If you live in West Australia you must visit 'Underwater World' where the shark on the left can be found. You can see the shark's teeth displayed on the left. Did you know that a shark swims by bending from side to side? First it moves its head, then its body then its long tail. As this wave pattern travels down its body it pushes the shark through the sea.

Did you know that many deep-sea fish glow? If you could dive that far you would see tiny pinpricks of light. These light patterns help them to be seen in the dark. Did you know too that 'baleen' is a material that hangs inside the mouth of some whales and strains their food from the water. It is also called whalebone.

What does streamline mean? Sea animals that have rounded bodies are streamlined, this means the smooth shape of their body helps them to move through the water faster.

picture of shark sign

a fishy project idea

1. You'll need an old cardboard shoe box or a similar type box with a bit of height in it and a lid.
2. Cut a fairly large square from the middle of the lid and cover it with blue cellophane.
3. Cut a small viewing hole at one end of the box. Do not cover.
4. Paint the inside of the box blue, some green and a bit of yellow.
5. Make tiny fish from paper or cut different sea creatures from old magazines.
6. Attach these with fishing line to the sides and bottom of your box.
7. Hang several sea creatures from the lid so they'll dangle in the box when you put the lid back on.
8. Glue some seaweed pictures on the bottom with some real shells found at the beach.
9. If you're really arty, make an old treasure chest and glue this in the box as well.
10. When finished place the lid on the box and enjoy looking at your very own sea scenery.
11. Don't glue the lid on because you may want to change your scenery.
12. You can also try this project in a group using a very large box.

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