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Most children enjoy drawing, painting and making craft projects. Exploring their world of art is one way a child can develop coordination skills and fine motor skills. A small selection of paintings were chosen for this web page. Click on the thumbnail to view the larger painting and to read a description.

Art Project Ideas and Examples

Birds - Age 10 Duck pond - Age 11 Butterflies - Age 12 Orchids - Age 12
cockatoo.jpg (20451 bytes) duckpond.jpg (20332 bytes) butterfly.jpg (16638 bytes) orchid.jpg
3Dhouse bookmark landscape thornbug
3D House - Age 6 Bookmark - Age 7 Landscape - Age 8 Mini-beasts - Age 9

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Here you will find examples of what can be done with coloured pencils. The Worldwide Art Gallery where kids can display their art, stories, poetry etc. online. Art Kids provides sketch books, colouring books, games, puzzles, hints & tips and more!

orchid art museums online

Hermitage Museum Russia

Puppenhausmuseum Switz.

Louvre Museum France

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Museum of London UK

Art Gallery, Australia

Museum of Kenya

Museum of Italy

Kyoto Museum Japan

Art Gallery of Ontario

National Gallery London


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