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Your eyes are special. If you damage them they won't grow back like hair or nails. An eye-specialist may be able to repair your damaged eye, but sometimes they can't. Never shoot elastic bands at someone's face. It could damage their eye permanently! Permanently means for ever.

You should always protect your eyes from potential dangers like the sun, dust or objects which could fling through the air because of, let's say a lawnmower nearby.

If you are interested in the human eye or for a dissection procedure of a cow's eye check out the links below. Have fun exploring all about the eye and remember....BE CAREFUL eyes don't grow back. Check out the links below for some interesting facts about the eye.

The Human Eye | How We See | National Eye Institute | Cow's Eye Dissection

Your eyes collect information about the world around you and send it to your brain. Your brain processes the information your eyes collect and creates the images you see. The optic nerve connects the eye with the brain and takes the messages from your eye to your brain. There are six muscles which control the movement of the eye. Both eyes work together.

The black part of your eye is a hole called the pupil. A colored muscle, the iris, makes this hole get smaller in bright light, to let in less light and bigger in dim light. The white part of the eye is called the sclera. The conjunctiva is a transparent skin protecting the eye. The lens helps your eye to focus.

Because your eyes are set apart they both see a slightly different picture. Your brain puts the two pictures together, this is called stereoscopic vision. Eyelashes help keep dust and grit out of your eyes and tears help keep your eyes moist and clean. To avoid germs, don't touch your eyes with dirty hands.

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