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Enjoy completing this activity and remember that:

1 - It is dangerous to follow a crowd
2 - Making money from home or making money online is not always the answer,
remember that the love of money is the root of all evil. True friendship can not be bought!
3 - Being mentally strong is not always easy
4 - Remain on the right side of the law
5 - Be friendly if you want others to befriend you and love you
6 - Aim of the game is the training about being an upright citizen

You should always be interested in others.   blank
You shouldn't let others walk all over you.   blank
You can go to jail for doing the wrong thing like stealing.   blank
You're wise to follow the latest fashion trends.   blank
A smile goes a long way.   blank
You can stab a friend in the back without consequences.   blank
There will always be argumentative people in this world.   blank
Children cannot discern good friends.   blank
Making sincere friends can be difficult.   blank
Facial expressions matter not to other people.   blank
It costs nothing to love and give a smile.   blank
Smiles can not be stolen, begged or borrowed. Money can!   blank
Foreigners can understand a smile.   blank
There are no arguments among true friends.   blank
It is alright to try illicit drugs.   blank
Smoking may cause harm to your body.   blank
It is easy to be mentally strong.   blank
There is no such thing as peer pressure.   blank
There is nothing wrong with making money online.   blank
Mixing with 'wrong type of people' can get you into trouble.   blank


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