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Hello..... Personal Safety was just a gimmick to get you to read this page and to have fun completing our copyright project and interactive game. It really is about copyright.

It has been a lot of hard work for a long....long time and we value each user's honesty when using our COPYRIGHT material.

Nobody likes their personal belongings stolen. Neither do we like our hard work stolen. Our web site is copyrighted and we like to think people can learn and have fun with it but any breach of copyright is a serious offense. Huge fines and even jail sentences are given to those who copy other people's work and use it for profit. Not good for your personal safety hey?

If you were caught, just imagine the explaining you would have to do to your friends or lawyer! You might even have to, if you had one, refinance your home loan to pay the bills. Or you may need to take a mortgage out against your home if you own it outright to pay for the court costs. It doesn't stop there though! If you had to refinance your home you are likely to get into serious debt. Debt problems often lead to the need of a debt solution. These debt solution companies offering solutions may be able to help you in this area but charge a fee for their services... and the circle of unnecessary stress continues, so don't break the copyright law.

So is breaching copyright worth it? I wouldn't think so. We want you to use our web site in a fair way, you can use our work but don't copy parts of it and put it on your web page and not properly referencing us or selling or giving away our work! Check out our other danger zone projects, write an essay about one of them or give the copyright project a whirl.

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USA Copyright Office | Copyright Society of USA |

Copyright Web Publishing Rules Australia | Copyright Guide |

Go to the above links and find out about copyright and what it means.
Check out the following questions and prepare a folder dealing with these topics.


What is intellectual property?
What is copyright?
What does copyright protect?
How do you obtain copyright?
Who is a copyright owner?
How long does copyright last?
Can copyright be bought and sold?
When is copyright breached?


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