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(7) Body Parts

(8) The Jewel Prison




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Body Parts Science English, Health, Art
The Jewel Prison Society & Environment (SOSE) English, Art


(7) Body Parts

project example( Grade 3)

It was lots of fun and everyone explored their learning skills in a different way yet they all achieved the same outcome. They learned to read and write body parts.

Students were asked to think of a way they could learn and remember body parts. Although some students scowled at this exercise claiming it to be for babies they found it more difficult than first anticipated.

Different project ideas were attempted with the result that each student remembered it best the way they presented it. Some used picture and words like the example on the left. 

Some made a table and placed the name of body parts in their respective categories.


limb arm fingers nails
limb leg knee toes
head eyes ears nose

Others actually cut small cards and printed the names of the body parts on them and pinned these to themselves for the day, much to the amusement of older grade students who checked out the spelling and if the cards were pinned in the correct area. (They learned too !)


(8) The Jewel Prison

Students were asked what they thought a prison is used for. As you can well imagine they all came up with the same answer. It was with much surprise they learned that one particular prison was not used to lock up people but to lock up jewels. (English speaking and listening)

We first travelled to London on our maps, globes and atlases. An appropriate book was borrowed and we indulged ourselves in the information and pictures.(Geography)

We discussed the benefits of having such a tourist attraction and also the costs associated with guarding a treasure like the famous Crown Jewels. (Social Issues)

Afterwards, students wrote information inside a castle they designed themselves. (Arts)

project example
( Grade 4)

Next month we are exploring Fremantle Prison with the help of the Teaching Treasures Fremantle Prison project and the link to the prison. I'm sure students will be surprised learning about this tourist attraction in Western Australia.


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