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Project Ideas Years 5 - 6 (page 2)

(3) Parrotfish

(4) Palindromes



Main Learning Area

Linking Learning Areas

Parrotfish Science English, Art, SOSE, Maths, Technology
Palindromes English Art, Technology


(3) Parrotfish

project example(Chloe R.. Grade 6)

Internet research was conducted to find information about fish in general. Students were asked to choose one type of fish and conduct more detailed research for their essay. (Technology)

They were not allowed to use pictures from the Internet but had to draw a picture of their chosen fish, using their artistic skills.(Art)

Scientific facts had to be included in their write-up with a reasonable accurate description of the fish.(Science)

Geography was covered by having to research where their fish could be found. The environmental impact of over fishing was also discussed. (S&E)

Modern fishing techniques and technology used in the fishing industry was also part of their study.

Maths was used in working out what type of fishing line would be needed in order to catch a certain size fish.(Maths)


(4) Palindromes

Palindromes caused reason for excitement with students who explored this section of fun English.

Several English books were borrowed from the library for research. Students were asked to write as many palindromes as they could think of. An explanation of what palindromes meant had to be included on their work. (English)

This particular student also searched the Internet for sentences which are made up of palindromes. (Technology)

Students were encouraged to use artistic skills to decorate their work. (Art)

project example

(W. E.. Grade 5)


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