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Project Ideas Years 5 - 6 (page 3)

(5) The Fairy Wren 

(6) Mapping



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The Fairy Wren Science English, Art, Technology, SOSE
Mapping Mathematics English, Art


(5) The Fairy Wren

The Fairy Wren attracted much attention when students visited the zoo. It encouraged one student to conduct more research as to where this bird could be found naturally, covering geography. (Society & Environment, SOSE)

Scientific facts were researched about this bird (Science) and artistic abilities exercised by decorating the essay. Also feathers of many different bird varieties were collected and a 'bird collage' was made using feathers and birdseed purchaced at a local store.(Art)

A video about Australian birds was located at the local library and viewed by several students at their home.

Binoculars were borrowed and some bird spotting was done at a local park with notes taken by the students. The workings of the binoculars was also investigated by the students.(Technology)

One student brought her pet bird to class for the day and its happy whistling was enjoyed throughout the day by all.

project example( Grade 6)


(6) Mapping

project example( Grade 5)

Students were asked to map their house, school or their favourite place.

This map was made by a student who mapped his 5 acre-property. Much detail has been entered although not to scale but reasonable effort was made to give approximate size.

A second attempt will be made shortly. However next time students will be asked to draw to scale as much as possible.

This exercise relied on memory and several students found it difficult to remember detail. These students were asked to continue their map after they made another visual contact with the building or place they were going to map.

The activity was enjoyed by all who participated.


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