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(7) Fruit



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Fruit Health English, Art, Science, SOSE


(7) Fruit

project example

Fruit was flavour of the week when students explored different varieties, where they are grown as well as the health benefits obtained by eating fresh fruit. (Health, Geography)

The example shows a clever way of writing the heading 'Fruit' with artistic flair. (Arts)

Nutrition books covered most aspects of vitamins and mineral resources. (Science)

Some students visited a local store and counted the many varieties available at the time, 106 in total, which was confirmed by the owner. 

We discussed how to make a fruit salad and how to stop bananas and apples from going brown too quickly. Recipes where fruit would be used were read from recipe books and correct bottling procedures were discussed with one mother delivering a semi-demo. The importance of cleanliness were stressed to the max.


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