Switzerland Project Instructions:


  1. Obtain an atlas, globe and a world map. Locate Switzerland on each one.

  2. Find out from your library if a video is available about Switzerland. Watch it.

  3. Trace or draw an outline of Switzerland. Mark where the capital city is, one major river and one mountain.

  4. Locate books about Switzerland and find out some facts. Write these underneath your map.

  5. Find out what language the Swiss speak and what currency they use.

  6. Try to obtain travel brochures about Switzerland from a travel agency. Use the pictures and information to decorate your work.

  7. Search Switzerland on the Internet and view some of the picture galleries available.

  8. Make a replica of the Swiss flag using recycled materials or paint one on a large sheet of paper.

  9. Locate Swiss cheese at a continental deli or supermarket. Purchase some and try their delicious flavours.

  10. Visit our Tour the world activity.


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