Chooks or Fowl Project Instructions:


  1. Locate books about chickens at your library and read them.

  2. Find out some different varieties of chickens and locate pictures of these particular breeds.

  3. Find out where in the world chickens live or originated.

  4. Search the Internet for chickens, chooks or fowl.

  5. Visit a chicken farm. If this is not possible, try to search the Internet for a chicken farm web site.

  6. Observe what happens at the chicken farm. Make notes.

  7. Write a short story about what you've learned.

  8. Draw a picture of a hen or rooster. Make sure to put male or female detail in your drawing.

  9. Find out what an incubator is.

  10. Try to locate someone who owns an incubator and ask them to explain how it works.

  11. Borrow an incubator and hatch eggs. (Only if you can find a good home for the chicks once they hatch.)

  12. Collect feathers and glue them on a drawing of a chicken.

  13. Make a chicken collage.

  14. Find out what's inside an egg. Crack one open and identify the following parts: shell - membrane - chalaza - albumen - germ spot - yolk - air chamber.




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