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K-2 Project ideas (page 1)

(1) Frogs (printable instructions)

(2) Following instructions (printable instructions)



Main Learning Area

Linking Learning Areas

Frogs Science Art, English, Technology
Following instructions Art English

(1) Frogs

Explore frogs at local waterways as part of an excursion and encourage students to write and draw about their experience, this will enhance their writing and artistic skills. Incorporate Technology into this exercise by asking students to complete Teaching Treasures online activity.

You may like to explain to students that certain types of frogs are often bred, killed and used in Scientific and Medical experiments. Discuss students' feelings about these procedures and if they think it is necessary. Can students suggest an alternative, living sacrifice other than frogs for the advancement of knowledge?

Obtain books showing clear pictures of different frog species. Discuss the life-cycle of a frog. 


project example
(Grade 2)


(2) Following simple Art instructions

Project example

Following simple instructions enhances English reading comprehension and artistic abilities.

1) As you can see from the example the student realized that three cars were drawn instead of two. The colors were well matched

2) Four flowers were drawn correctly with color instructions followed accurately.

3) Three faces were drawn with reasonable detail and outlined with the colors specified.

4) The drawing of hands created a small problem but an effort was made by the student.

If students have problems reading, read the instructions to them, one at a time or ask another student to read to the ones who are having the problem.









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