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K-2 Project ideas (page 4)

(7) Leaves (printable instructions)

(8) Koalas



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Leaves Science English, Art, Maths
Koalas English Science, SOSE, Art

(7) Leaves

project example


(Grade 1)

Vein patterns in leaves are one way of showing students an intricate design in nature. Ask students to collect different types of leaves and study them.

Make a leaf-collage as an Art project.

In Mathematical terms we call it 'fractals'. Fractals, meaning breaks or fragments are patterns that break up into smaller and smaller pieces. 

Incorporate fractals with this project. Show students examples of fractals: E.g. a bunch of broccoli, branches on a tree, a river system (show one from a detailed map), the human body (obtain a sketch of the body system displaying the nervous system or veins) and a spider web.

(8) Koalas

Koalas were chosen as an English writing topic after books about koalas were read and viewed.  Scientific facts were researched with students using the Internet. Environmental issues were discussed and plenty of artistic abilities were enhanced.

drawing of koala

(Grade 2)

project example

A video about koalas was also viewed to complement the topic.


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