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My guess was that this bobcat would rather be out in the wild than stuck in the zoo! Zoos can be fun but also distressing if you don't like to see animals locked up in cages or fake areas. There are many zoos around the world, some are better than others and much improvements have been made over the years to house the animals they keep in a more comfortable area.

Some zoos now use alternative methods to make enough money to keep them operational. Concerts, shows and entertainment is often provided on a weekly basis. Weddings may also be performed at some larger zoos. Pooh is sometimes sold as garden manure and donations are often accepted to help improve living conditions for the animals. You can also sponsor a particular animal at some zoos which is a great idea if you are absolutely mad keen on a particular kind of animal. have a search around the Internet and find out how to sponsor an animal if you think this is the thing for you... more



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