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Cicada and Dragonfly

Picture of cicada just emerged from old exoskeleton blue green in colour.   1 dragonfly nymph exoskeleton on a water reed light brown to dark brown in colour.   2 dragonfly nymph exoskeletons light brown to dark brown in colour.

The cicada makes plenty of noise like a clapping or ticking sound. When it sheds its skin as pictured to the left, the insect is a beautiful turquoise colour. Look at the patterns in the wings! Their bodies have three parts, with three pairs of legs on the middle part, and they have wings of course. The second and third pictures are exoskeletons. They almost look like real insects but are just left over exoskeletons. If you pick them up, they easily crumble between your fingers.

dragonfly     dragonfly


Dragonflies are also regular visitors of gardens where water lies around. If you have a pond dragonflies will soon visit and lay their eggs. Dragonflies come in many colours. These ones are a lovely red... more



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