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Giraffes, Giraffidae live in most parts of Africa, south of the Sahara. The giraffe is the tallest animal. The biggest giraffe ever measured was 6.09m high to the top of the horns. The males are taller than females, but that is usually the case with animals. The giraffe inhabits open woodland and savannah and feed on mainly leaves, bark, shoots and also flowers, seeds and fruits.

Did you know that the giraffe's neck consists of only 7 bones? The giraffe also has large plate-sized hoofs. They use their hoofs as weapons; with a big kick they can kill a lion. They have also thick skins for protection. Adult giraffes have few enemies, but about half the young die in their first year from lions, leopards, hyenas, etc. Giraffes have good hearing and a good sense of smell, they can see clearly across plains kilometres away... more



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