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Hyena's, Hyaenidae, are doglike carnivores. They are found in Africa and Asia. There are different types of hyena's, being the brown hyena, striped hyena, spotted hyena or the laughing hyena. The spotted hyena or the laughing hyena pictured above range through much of Africa, south of the Sahara, growing to 2m in length which includes the tail being 30cm long, growing to a height of 76cm high and weighing up to 80kg makes them a very formidable hunting animal. They are yellowish to greyish in colour and have dark spots.

The striped hyena is found in southwestern Asia, also in northern and eastern Africa. They are greyish to yellowish in colour and have vertical brown or black stripes.

The brown hyena is a protected species, they are found in southern Africa and are dark brown with a grey head and stripes on its legs. They usually have 2 to 6 litters at a time, gestation is about three months. The brown and striped hyena's are smaller than the spotted hyena.

Hyena's are believed to be related to cats and dogs but are also believed to be more closely related to civets. The hyena's body slopes down from the shoulders to the rump. The hyena is also spelt like this, hyaenas. The aardwolf is also believed to be related to the hyena, but unlike the hyena the aardwolves have a weak jaw and teeth and feed on smaller animals such as termites... more



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