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Leopards - Leo pardus


The leopard is the smallest and most widely distributed of the big cats. The leopard can be found in most parts of Africa and southern Asia. It inhabits dense forest, bush, and open country. Leopards feed mainly on antelope, wild pigs and baboons. They can swim and climb really well and sometimes drag a carcass up high into a tree for safe keeping. Male leopards grow to 7 feet in length, and weigh up to about 70 kilograms. Females are a bit smaller. They are solitary nocturnal hunters and catch smaller prey than the lions or tigers.

Leopards sometimes take livestock and may even attack human beings if they don't keep a far enough distance. They are not only good climbers, but are also good at swimming. There are many different types of leopards, like the snow leopard, clouded leopard, Barbary, Anatolian, Amur and the Sinai leopards. The four last species mentioned above are endangered species. People once cross-bred a lion with a leopard, when it was born it had a lion's mane and a leopard's spots. The baby is called a leopon... more



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