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Meerkats - Viverridae; sub-families Herpestinae, Galidiinae.

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There are 31 different species of mongooses, twenty of which live in Africa, 4 of which live in Madagascar and 7 that live in South Asia. They are very agile and active creatures, some of the species can climb, but most species live on the ground. They feed on small mammals, reptiles, insects, some types of fruit, eggs, crabs and frogs. Mongooses are famous for killing snakes, they can kill real deadly snakes. They dodge the snake's fangs  until they get a chance to jump at the snake's neck.

There are many kinds of species like the Banded mongoose, Small Indian mongoose, Suricate or Grey meercat, Dwarf mongoose, Selous mongoose, Narrow-striped mongoose, White-tailed mongoose, Egyptian mongoose, Marsh mongoose and more. The largest mongoose is the White-tailed mongoose which is from head to body 58cm, tail 44cm, weight 5kg. The smallest mongoose is the Dwarf mongoose which is from head to body 24cm, tail19cm, weight 0.3kg... more



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