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The ringtail possum is half the size of the brush tail possum. They are good climbers and can hang upside down by their tail. The ringtail possum has a naked strip on the lower surface of their ringed tail which allows it to get a firm grip on tree branches. They are both nocturnal animals. They make their nests out of twigs and grass and sometimes paper and plastics. They usually make their nests in the hollows of tree branches and shrubs, but quiet commonly are found nesting in the roofs of houses or in garages.

The brush tail possum is about the size of a cat, but has a much longer tail. The ringtail eats mainly on leaves of native trees, but the brush tail possum feeds on fruits and is fond on the scraps left by humans, in the wild the brush tail possum feeds on leaves, birds, shoots and native fruits from trees and shrubs. The brush tail possum is common throughout Australia, but the ringtail possum is found from Cape York, down the east coast and across to the south of Western Australia. The brush tail possum is protected by law in most states. At one time they were killed in large numbers for their beautiful fur.

The females give birth to one young which she carries in her pouch for up to 5 months. When the baby leaves the pouch they stay on the mothers back for some time. Like other nocturnal animals it is able to make use of every bit of light. They have a grey or brown coat, and are paler in colour on their bellies and usually are darker around their eyes. They live up to 15 years of age... more



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