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Zebras - Equidea

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The zebra is a striped horse. There are three species of zebras, they are the Grevy's zebra, Mountain zebra and the plains zebra. All of which live in Africa. The mountain zebra has a sleek coat and narrow hoofs, and they are found in the mountain grasslands of south-west Africa. You can also tell a mountain zebra apart from the others, because it has a fold of skin, called the dewlap, which is under the throat.

The grevy's zebra has a mule-like head and a very obvious mane. It is also the largest zebra, and has the narrowest stripes. The grevy's zebra lives in northern-east Africa. The grevy's zebra is also an endangered specie, because it has been hunted for its beautiful coat in recent years. The plains zebra is striped across its belly unlike the other species.

Zebras stay in large groups. Two of their main enemies, are the humans and leopards. They feed mainly on grasses and sedges. Zebras can live up to 25 years of age. There are various ideas about why it is useful for a zebra to be striped. The stripes are good for camouflage, and are used by the zebras as a bright signal that allows them to follow one another's movements. Size: head-body 2.15-2.75m, plus 0.5m tail; weight 235-405 kg. The males are larger than the females... more



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