Teaching Treasures™ The frog's revenge story quiz

The frog's revenge (part 2)

Worms and Bowel Movers Reading Comprehension Test


What did Queenie dig up from the garden?

What colour do you think the bucket is?

What did Queenie do with the slugs she collected?

tiny frogs it doesn't say boiled them
slimy slugs blue buried them
wriggling worms green ate them
blank blank blank

How often do Queenie and Kingie eat noodles?

What do you think Queenie eats that Kingie doesn't?

Kingie took how long to think of a plan for revenge?

only on Sunday flat spaghetti all week
occasionally real noodles one hour
every Friday lumpy spaghetti all night
blank blank blank

Kingie found what he was looking for at?

What do you think bowel movers are in the story?

Queenie mistook the bowel movers for what?

the supermarket sweet chocolates tablets
the chemist lollies sweets
the doctor's a medicine chocolates
blank blank blank

How many chocolates did Queenie eat from the box?

How did the bowel movers upset her?

Queenie is very much what in the story?

half the box she had the runs clever
the whole lot it didn't upset her skinny
just a few it made her laugh fat
blank blank blank

Queenie didn't come back after what time?

What do you think Kingie was in the end?

Is Queenie planning on settling a score with Kingie?

the second time concerned no
the fifth time worried yes
the third time satisfied not sure
blank blank blank

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