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Linking Conditions

Appropriate Site Content Terms

Please read the following carefully before emailing us.

Advertisers and linking partners.

Please no one way links any email requests will be ignored, also no requests for in page articles with links to your site paid or unpaid.

If reciprical linking or advertising via a banner link, your site must be suitable for children and contain some information for children, educational resources or helpful educational information for teachers and parents. It should not contain gambling or gambling pop-up banners, nor explicit sexual references or pop-up banners of that nature, reference to witchcraft, violence or profanity is also not acceptable. We reserve the right to remove your listing if any of these rules are broken. In addition, links are frequently checked and legal action may be taken if a site owner requesting a reciprocal link is found to violate these terms.

Linking partners.

We will not reciprocate a link to a requesting site if their link to us is on another domain or link farm, "No 3 way linking". Also some web site owners ask to be link partners and within a few weeks to several months they subsequently wipe our link from their links page purely for a value one-way link. This type of activity is regarded by us to be extremely poor behaviour and any person contemplating this kind of action, will only cause their site to become discredited! If you would like to be a link partner with us, we would suggest to keep a quality web site and a well maintained links page that is relevant to your topic.

We reserve the right not to link to a site if we consider it to be inappropriate and we reserve the right to change these terms at any time without notification. Current terms are posted on this web page.

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