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BEES  flower drawing

Bees are great little creatures. Have you ever studied a bee? When a bee is busy collecting pollen it is not worried about you at all. You can observe the bee without getting stung but if you were to annoy the bee it could sting you.

If you like bees or are interested in learning more about bees then this might be a good project for you to do. Some questions are iven to help you write about bees. You don't have to answer all the questions. You can just write some answers down. Read the story below about bees. The boy who wrote this for us is 6 years old.

project paper of bees


  1. Do bees have bones?
  2. What is a worker bee?
  3. What is the queen bee's job?
  4. What is a drone?
  5. Why do bees have tiny holes in the sides of there bodies called spiracles?
  6. Do bees have a tongue?
  7. Where is the head, thorax and abdomen?
  8. How many eyes does a bee have?
  9. How many legs does a bee have?
  10. How do bees carry pollen?
  11. How many times do the bee's wings beat a second?
  12. What's a bee's house called?
  13. What do you do when you get stung by a bee?
  14. What happens to the bee after it has stung some one?
  15. What does a didgeridoo and bees wax have in common?
  16. What is a wax castle?
  17. Do bees pollinate flowers?
  18. How much honey does one bee make in his lifetime?
  19. What is royal jelly?
  20. What is beebread?

Make a bee mobile

Design and make your own bees. First draw some large bees on stiff white card. Colour them on both sides, then cut them out. Hang them on some fishing line from an old coat hanger. Hang your mobile from the ceiling.

Students project page

(by Ingrid Griggs)

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