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What I believe, in short

It would take a very large book to contain all of what I believe about the Bible but I will try to condense my belief in a few words.

In a nutshell I believe the Bible (King James version) in English or the received Greek new testament text and the Hebrew old testament text, are the completed word of God and that the Word of God should not be added to or taken apart in any way Rev 22 v19. I do understand that there may be a few translation errors and that our modern understanding of English words and meanings have changed over time, but these problems can be overcome by comparing scripture with scripture and making sure of word meanings old and new, we have so many translations of the Bible these days that there is no excuse not to understand Gods word. I will say that caution should always be used when using the many translations of the Bible, enestly compare scripture with scripture.

I believe The Lord Jesus Christ has died for all mankind not just for the elect, but mankind needs to choose to believe in Him to be saved from death. In order for us to believe, the Spirit of God must enlighten us or quicken us (Gods free gift of faith). If we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness if we do not accept Him we remain dead in our sins. When we accept the Lord into our heart we must remain firm in our faith in Him until the end of our life on this earth, Heb ch3 v 6. We do this by keeping short accounts with the Lord. Luke 9 v23. Heb3 vs13-14. We are not saved by works but by faith alone in the Lord Jesus Christ by Gods wonderful grace in giving us his only begotten Son. I do believe you are saved for eternity upon the point of confession of sins to God through the Lord Jesus Christ, but this salvation is conditional upon us remaining faithful or full of faith or keeping the faith (2 Tim 4 v7), not unconditional and not of works lest any man boast, Eph 2 vs 8-9. I also believe that the Lord Jesus Christ is risen from the dead in the flesh and has defeated the devil and his following.

I believe to understand the book of Revelation you need to read it in a contextual, literal and figurative understanding and of the whole Bible not just figurative as many do. I don’t believe in what is commonly termed the rapture. I do believe that the Lord will come again and Christians or rather the Bride of Christ will meet Him in the air at His coming (on the same day). At His second coming he is going to destroy them that destroy the earth and burn the earth and there will be few flesh saved Math 24 v 22 After that event there will be a thousand year reign of the Lord Jesus Christ. I  believe that the Kingdom of God is already established in Heaven and in the heart of a believer but will soon to be established on earth for the 1000 years reign when the Lord returns in the clouds, As it is stated very clearly in the 20th chapter of Revelation tied in with prophecy in the book of Daniel and Isaiah. After the thousand years reign there will be the great white throne judgment.

May God continue to grant us all understanding of His Word, to love all men and to proclaim His truth (2Tim ch2 v 15), as this world takes a rapid Journey on the road to the lake of fire!

©2014 Peter Griggs

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