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Saturday January 29, 2008

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Title: Copyright Gambling Debt
Subtitle: A Fictional Case Study
Author: Dr. Pedago

In memory of: The Bossleyans, Mr. K., The Education Department, Delilah, Ministers for Education, The Pedagogue Folk, Pedagogy, The Fraternity, The Attorneys-at-Law, and The Agency.

In honour of: Squeeky, Rusty, Rabbit, Flops, Bubs, Albie, Fiona, Ratis, Tiger, Skunk, Mugeye, Mimey, and Mixy.

look, don't steal...I am copyright

Lest We Forget

Blurb: It was a sad day for all concerned. With one swift stroke of her keyboard, Delilah had successfully denied the entire pedagogue folk of her country.... in fact, the entire world's population from an educational resource so wonderful, so freely available to download.... albeit copyrighted. She had successfully managed to snatch that little relief from the hands of those over-stressed, underpaid pedagogue folk.

No longer were they allowed to utilise some of this educational resource for free due to the fact that Ms. Delilah had decided that pedagogue folk were in essence to stupid to understand what was for free and what wasn't. In her ultimate wisdom she had concluded that pedagogue folk were illiterate and did not understand the difference between 'when they ought to pay for something and when not'.

Hooray for Delilah!




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