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Disheartened the young lady searched the Internet for an answer, maybe someone out there was able to give her work as imposed upon the human populace of which she was a part. Perhaps someone else was in need of an author or artist as she also called herself. After many months of searching she gave up hope and left her need of eats and raiment in the hands of her forbears who were still surviving like the majority of the human race.

Pappy was of course concerned with the hapless situation of his little lassie and probed, scoured and scrutinised every corner of his grey matter in his skull to determine what could have happened. Even Ma was getting anxious about the grey matter probing each day and watched the bald patch enlarge rapidly on Pappy's head. Finally the Pappy consulted the magic machine called the personal computer and typed in some key words as to ascertain where the problem may lie.

For certain the magic machine could come up with a solution even if he couldn't. Considering his eldest lassie published the piggy e-book from her web site he thought it intelligent to utilise the words found in her business name as is the norm in the human world, to have a business name that is if you run a business. He also considered that these pigs had caused enough trouble so he decided to combine the words in a thing called a search engine on the Internet.

Once typed in single handed the machine did the rest and returned a result so horrific, so unbelievable it took Pappy's breath away, turned him white with shock and green with a sickened stomach afterwards.

Could this really be true?

Would the pedagogue folk really stoop this low? Maybe their evolutionary theory was right after all, only animals would do such a debase thing as to deprive another counterpart of their race from a simple thing such as eats. An animal would go for the kill in order to survive, an animal would steal eats from a weaker animal, some animals would even devour the dung produced by other animals. But there it was, blue, red and black ink on a crisp, clear page for all and sundry to view and download to their personal computer no matter where they resided in the world.

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