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She must inscribe, engross, scrawl, scribe, sign, print, letter, author and formulate her concerns at the thieving, filching, pilfering, swindling, plundering process which had befallen her! So fingers to the keyboard her Ma formulated a document stressing the point of disappointment that while yet the young lady lived in poverty, The Bossleyans lived in luxury and was no less than classed as one of the financially better off institutions in the State. And to finalise the weighty, unjust situation would The Bossleyans be so kind as to rectify their embarrassing outlook by remunerating a little monies to the poor lassie.

A meagre amount of ninety-seven dollars was decided upon so that all the dear human kiddies at The Bossleyans' institution would have the opportunity to print a copy of the piggy works. A meagre ninety-seven dollars would buy the poor lassie thirty loaves of bread, which in turn could provide sustenance of one loaf per week and last her several weeks of bread provisions. However, The Bossleyans appeared to be exceptionally keen to share their newly found treasure of the pig world with the rest of the pedagogy populations across the globe.

They decided to share their piggy treasure and upload it to their web site using their magic machine. This way not only their kiddies at home could have this document without incurring encumbrances, the rest of the Internet connected world would also freely benefit from this wonderful piggy documentation. After all, who was to know if The Bossleyans had paid the price or not and had obtained the permission from the author or publisher.

Who was to know that those poor piggies were hijacked, gagged and bound for the Internet within months of being released for publication by the young lassie. The young lady also offered a way out for The Bossleyans folk in regards to the uploading of the documentation to the Internet and asked another fee besides the one described above. She decided to give them permission for six months to host her precious piggies on their web site so all the kiddies at The Bossleyans' institution and those further afield had an opportunity to download a copy.

In her opinion this was fair and it would provide an opportunity for the offending party to right the wrong. It would also provide an opportunity for her to recoup the losses she had incurred as no further commerce had been conducted since the last sale with the one who was an operative at The Bossleyans institution. The small fee for her precious ninety-two page document filled with years of experience, worksheets, coloured and black and white photos would set The Bossleyans back two thousand dollars. This was considered reasonable by the young lady and her forebears as The Bossleyans obviously could not produce such a document; nor could their pedagogue folk; nor could The Department; nor their kiddies; or they would have done so.

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