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Chapter 4 - The Education Departments and Honorable Education Ministers

Once upon a time in the little village of Nymboi, the Ma, on behalf of the fair maiden whose copyright was breached, wrote a letter. By reason of the Ma believing that while you're on the job, one may as well write to every one so that all may be informed equally and adequately and there will be no squabbling like siblings, she set to her task of writing. The peculiar country she occupied consisted of several States although it being classed as one country it often appeared to her that many rules, regulations and laws differed from State to State.

However as far as the Ma could see, the Copyright Law did cover the entirety of her country so she wrote to The Education Departments and Honorable Education Ministers. The reader again must note that the offending party's name has been dotted out from the following two documents. Pedagogue folk are peculiar and for some reason don't like to be exposed as being liars, thieves or ransackers of that which is not theirs to ransack.

Re- Copyright Breach

To ...

This correspondence is regarding the breach of copyright occurring within some institutions such as primary and high schools, universities and various other organisations which are in the educational field. For some time now we have been selling hardcopy books and software containing educational resources such as worksheets and interactive activities. Many of our worksheets are now used by individuals throughout the educational sector.

Individuals who have purchased our materials have legal right to use them. Those who have not purchased our materials do not have legal right to use them to the extent that they do. Maybe the cost of buying our software or books has caused this breach of copyright to occur, or the lack of knowledge regarding copyright, or simply a flagrant attitude towards law and the Copyright Act 1968. Due to the prohibitive cost of producing software and printing books many of our resources have been made available over the years to Internet users to download and use, but only according to our terms and conditions.

Although many of our resources are freely downloadable from our web site they are still copyrighted. Terms and conditions of use are clearly stated on our disclaimer accessible from our web site. However, it appears that our terms and conditions of use are not adhered to by various people. This we believe would be legally deemed a breach of our copyright according to the Copyright Act 1968.

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