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CHAPTER 1 - Copyright Gambling Debt

Once upon a time in the little town of Green, resided a guinea pig family. As a matter of fact there was one brawny male and several comely females. Because bigamy doesn't really exist in the pig world, the male was not classed as a bigamist by the family and it was judicially legitimate for these pigs to all live happily together in a clapboard shanty and make piglets to keep the Green piggy population flourishing.

Each day a servant female child would come and feed this piggy family and scrub their floor, make their beds, trim the play area and basically slave away to keep this rather disheveled pig family in some sort of order and good health. It was in the servant's opinion that if you didn't keep order in your house and kept it swept, washed and tidied you could get nauseated and overcome with the spurious output pigs produce. Not to mention the rats and mice population, which would no doubt increase dramatically as rats and mice are known to inhabit unsanitary domiciles.

As the years passed, a much more adolescent muscular male constituent of the family replaced the old virile pig. Fair maidens, who now controlled the nest, replaced the old girls and enjoyed an existence beyond any pigs fantasy. On account of their rolls of fat protruding from their chins and buttocks, the evidence was indisputable; these girls sustained a luxurious lifestyle. Due to amendments of the guinea pig tax laws, these luxury living pigs were tax exempt unlike the struggling human who are in bondage to copious tax laws and find it impossible to remember or recite these.

Of course there are some humans who study for multitudinous years and cram their brains so full of rules, regulations and laws that early onset of ill health is imminent in some cases. Some humans conduct their studies so well that they mature into what is called a specialist in their field with the aim of serving the wider community.

These humans are trained meritoriously and often enter into a life and death combat for their cause, unlike pigs who will fight for mainly the one thing. edibles, which in true reality appears to be far more satisfying to the body and soul. Participation in a work environment is part of the human living condition and whether this is labeled voluntary or forced upon by other domineering humans, it seems to be either relished or abhorred by sundry. Those humans who enjoy their field of expertise and their burdensome workload afterwards which is bestowed upon them as part of their merit, often thrive on success and the knowledge of being able to control other humans weaker or less knowledgeable than themselves.

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