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We have known for some time now that our copyright is being breached. A proportion of people who are in a paid teaching position do not remunerate us for the use of the material, nor are they using the materials according to our copyright terms. For personal reasons we have chosen not to take legal action to combat the situation in the past.

However, with traffic increasing on our web site, the cost of bandwidth, maintenance and the overall cost of running a web site, including the hardware and software to accomplish this enormous task has taken its toll on our family business. When there is no support from the majority of users who download our resources it can only lead to one thing, deprivation of earning an income for our business and family.

One example of blatant copyright breach is on our product titled 'Guinea Pigs'. It has come to our attention that The Bossleyans have made this book freely available as an electronic downloadable resource from their school web site for the entire world to download at the following URL: http://www.bossley........science/guinea-pigs.pdf

No doubt The Bossleyans intended this resource to be for use within their school but I can assure you that no school licence has ever been purchased for this purpose nor permission has ever been granted to publicly make this book freely available on the World Wide Web. Our aim is to provide learning materials for students world wide at minimal cost.

We believe that denying a struggling family business from receiving just compensation is not what educational institutions, whether those are within the public or private sector had in mind when they chose to dedicate their industry to the teaching of others. Therefore it is a very sad indictment on those within the teaching profession as the issues of copyright are categorically taught, communicated and impressed upon teachers throughout the years.

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