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We are confident that our resources are very useful in the educational and private sectors and we would like that to continue but we need your co-operation and the financial support of those that use our material to continue our service, not only in the country of Nymboi but to countries that are less fortunate than us.

Schools and institutions do not hesitate to purchase thousands of dollars worth of educational resources and licences each year. We are not asking you to purchase, at a great cost to you, our resources however; we are asking you to consider dealing fair with us as authors of educational resources. All we expect is for those in the educational field to support us in a just way. A minimum negligible contribution of only a few dollars per year per individual primary or high school, university or other organisation who uses our resources would be sufficient just to cover our cost.

We believe if all educational institutions that use our resources were to help us they would make a saving of thousands of dollars each year by not having to invest in expensive software, books or school licences. Teachers, parents and students would all benefit as surplus funds could be spent in more pressing areas which are currently under-funded. Your immediate response would be appreciated regarding the above issue. It would also be of benefit if you could pass this information on to the appropriate bodies so future copyright breach can be avoided.

Yours sincerely,

'The Ma'

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