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After an expanse of time, responses started to trickle in from different Departments and Honorables. Not really being a surprise, the standard reply was as expected from Government enforced labourers. Replies included statements such as:

1: Your correspondence is currently receiving attention.

2: The Minister has asked me to advice you that your letter is receiving attention.

3: The matters raised by you have been noted and are presently receiving attention.

4: Thank you for raising your concerns.

5: Thank you for bringing this issue to my attention.

6: Thank you for raising this matter with me.

7: Thank you for bringing this matter to my attention.

It was concluded by the poverty stricken, copyright breached young lady that those working in the Departments all seemed to be no less than pleased with the letter they had received. The attention she was receiving appeared at large scale. The waiting game had started! But while the waiting game was in action several objectionable things appeared to be happening behind the scenes of the which will unfold as you continue feasting your eyes upon this wretched document.

For wretched it is as it should have never been written simply because the happenings should have never occurred. Not in a country as beautiful, as upright, as honest, as deemed Godly as the one the fair maiden was born into. The truth of the matter is that it did happen, it did occur and it did unfold. Sadly to say and even more sadly to have to pen it here for you my dear reader, as you are clearly interested in the issues of copyright breach or you would not be reading this. But in all truth and honesty, do you really think copyright should exist at all?

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