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Chapter 5

Once upon a time in the little village of Nymboi, the Postie delivered some mail for the Ma.

As the weeks passed several things caused a little turmoil in the fair maiden's household. No it wasn't the pigs upsetting their visitors as the pigs had long vanished when the fair maiden and her forebears moved many miles from one abode to another as it is often so done by the humans. Unlike piggies, who enjoy their stable and rather territorial environment, humans will often uproot and move between places.

Desserts, canyons, jungles, droughts, floods or fires will not stop a human. They are unstoppable due to their sheer passion for life, their absolute curiosity for that which is on the other side, and their ability to move rather quickly these days in things called automobiles. So the fair maiden's household moved without the piggies, which by the way all went to other good human homes. Curious readers should be interested in wanting to know why, how, when and where the piggy family moved to.

The why is simple; curiosity, adventure, and a sense of wanting to know what it is like on the other side played part in this as well as the fact that it had become near impossible to live where they did. A thing called 'cost of living' in certain areas seems to play a major role in the human world. Much the same can be said for the pig world, they too must move when food becomes scarce. Remember that no food equals no poops and death is imminent!

The how of the big move was simple; those things on rubber rounds called wheels took them swiftly thousands of miles away to places of great vastness, desserts, drought stricken areas, flood plains, swamps, bush lands and rain forests. As for the when; it was the year two thousand and seven which quickly melted into the year two thousand and eight and brought them to the where location of the little village of Nymboi. Here they decided to settle for a little while until they had accomplished that which they had set out to accomplish when they first arrived at this quaint place of human habitat.

A place aptly called 'Quite Liveable' by the human male who was keen enough for them to purchase this dwelling from him and abide in the region for a season. So as to come back to those things which had caused a little turmoil in the fair maiden's household these were as follows. But before entering into this, you my dear reader must suffer once again a little story. This is so that you can draw a parallel, and legal action from the female human in question against the writer of this work can be escaped from. The characters in the allegory are Samson and Delilah, she it is who emerges as a lady of importunity.

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