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Now that the name Delilah has been established, it will become the name that shall be used to describe the female human who answered to the Ma's letter. You see Ma figured that the Biblical Delilah suited her impression of the worldly female who wrote the response to Ma's letter. She too seemed unreliable as far as information was concerned, unethical and untrustworthy of character. Ma felt a bit like Samson and therefore thought it appropriate to liken the responsive female human to Delilah.

Fortuitous as it may appear, dear Delilah had the unpleasant task of answering on behalf of those States which had left the grim deed to her. Perhaps the Education Departments of the various States did not know how to write as one must remember that illiteracy is consistent across the States according to Governmental statistics. However, it would be more befitting to assume that considering Delilah was acting in her capacity as National Copyright Director, Copyright Advisory Group, Schools Resourcing Taskforce; she was lumped with this delicate task of smoothing over a situation which had arisen due to one male human doing the immoral thing.

Now in the human world, unlike the pig world, which seems far simpler, those who have successfully attended advanced educational institutions are privileged to carry certain letters behind or in front of their names. Also bestowed upon them are titles of great significance, which need large amount of paper space to write these on.

So poor Delilah not only needed one piece of paper, she needed two to write her concerns on. You see, Delilah was privileged to not only be able to write in her capacity as National Copyright Director, Copyright Advisory Group, Schools Resourcing Taskforce; she also was able to sign off as Delilah .. National Copyright Director, Ministerial Council on Employment, Education, Training and Youth Affairs.

As far as the pig world is concerned, a pig is a pig although there are males and females, they are still pigs. However, in the human world it appears that there are humans and there are humans. Of course there are males, females and it's but a definite class distinction exists in many places and rightfully so. How could or would a fair maiden such as the one whose copyright was breached, be desirous of being classed with the humans of plebeian estate?

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