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If a pig were to compare work tolerance in the human peasantry, gauging from human Government statistical outcomes, the humans would definitely surpass the pig society as far as endurance of work sufferance is concerned. Mind you, pigs aren't totally exempt from work, they have to fulfil that one, most important role in their life or be doomed and face extinction of an early fruitful life if they don't.

They must poop!

When a pig converses about poop it is not concerned with the raised structure at the stern of a vessel such as a sailing ship, also known as the poop deck. Notwithstanding, a pig could easily reflect on the fact that a sailing ship's poop deck is a good place to deliver an assemblage of poop. The pig may even consider the front porch of their shanty, which could possess a little decking as part of their private poop deck. However, when a pig converses about poop it is in relation to the excrement, which comes out of all males and females backsides. Also know by the English breed of humans as faeces, and known by their human counterparts of the Americas as feces.

Funky bodily waste matter discharged through the anus is all in a day's work for the pig and where ever the pig may be, he or she will let it flow free for keeping it in will be the death of the pig you see. By all means don't get the work of the educated human wrong, they too must deliver again that which was swallowed just like the pig. Nevertheless, humans being humans they will seek alternative localities besides a poop deck.

Well. let's hope so!

In conclusion of the poop discussion, pigs work very hard each day and produce many poops, which is their employment. No poop equals no edibles. No edibles equals no life. No life equals no piglets and no piglets equals extinction of the pig race in Green. So the pig family continues their daily chores of pooping, the servant girl continues her daily chores of cleaning and scrubbing, and the blissful cycle of impoverished enslavement to each other continues. However, much can be learned by either party.

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