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Ma's words to be precise were: "We are not asking you to purchase, at a great cost to you, our resources however; we are asking you to consider dealing fair with us as authors of educational resources. All we expect is for those in the educational field to support us in a just way. A minimum negligible contribution of only a few dollars per year per individual primary or high school, university or other organisation who uses our resources would be sufficient just to cover our cost.

We believe if all educational institutions that use our resources were to help us they would make a saving of thousands of dollars each year by not having to invest in expensive software, books or school licences." Another thing which puzzled the Ma was the statement which said: 'its current layout and language may make it very difficult for teachers to understand'. If the educated pedagogue folk could not understand a simple layman's writings what in the world were they doing with their precious babies?

How were they to teach their offspring if they couldn't even understand a simple word such as 'free' or 'copyright'?

Why were these humans put in places of great importance; teaching those of apparently lesser knowledge and given the responsibility of teaching, training, nurturing and providing academia to siblings such as her fair maiden. Something was wrong and as far as the Ma was concerned, the pedagogue folk needed some serious revision and perhaps re-education of the written word. And not only the pedagogue folk but the attorneys-at-law too.

You see even dear Delilah could obviously not understand the issue of copyright as it was not touched upon within her communication to Ma. Suddenly it dawned upon the Ma, the Pappy and the young lady as to what the problem was.

Those poor semi illiterate pedagogue folk. Those deluded, hapless humans who were put on a pedestal by foolish uneducated humans. Poor Delilah who appeared to be psychic as well as she had written her letter nearly two years prior to receiving Ma's letter. Oh yes, as the writer of this work I must divulge the date Ms Delilah placed on top of her communication to the Ma. The date was 06 May 2006. However all these happenings didn't occur until 2008. Mysterious, or perhaps a psychic attorney-at-law who knew what was coming two years in advance helped her.

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