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No matter what, if they couldn't understand a simple word such as free or copyright they must be excused for not being able to get their dates correct. After all, it is a busy lifestyle these kindred lead with so many cases to answer for, so many folk they have to take to their courtrooms and fleece of the little sustenance these hapless humans have procured over the years.

It must be difficult for many attorneys-at-law to lie straight in bed as the saying goes. No wonder the medical brotherhood is kept extremely busy with so many cases of sleeplessness, ulcers, stress, suicide attempts, and emotionally disturbed intellectuals who frequent their consultation rooms. As far as the Ma was concerned it would be a waste of her time to write back to this dear lady, how was she ever going to understand anything Ma was to write?

This poor human needed serious attention as far as Ma was concerned. She needed to learn to read and write all over again, as it seemed that she had lost the plot. Poor Delilah even went on to state that: "The heading 'Disclaimer' is quite small and is not clear enough to alert teachers.". Again it seemed that Delilah needed more than just education, she may be in need of visual aids to be able to see proper. Upon receiving the letter from the Delilah it was decided upon to remove the word 'free' from the web site the fair maiden had utilised to convey the fact she had something to share with the rest of the world.

After all, what was the point of having a word of which pedagogue folk could not understand the meaning according to Ms Delilah?

So that which was once indeed for free but still copyrighted became no longer free. Those pedagogue folk who were once so blessed by pedagogy resources, which they could freely utilise, now no longer had this option thanks to their superior human in charge. The human who did not understand the word free, nor understood the word copyright, corporate crime, cover up, legal, law, injustice, eternal judgement and eternal separation from the One she did not know.

It was a sad day for all concerned, with one swift stroke of her keyboard Delilah had successfully denied the entire pedagogue folk of her country, in fact, the entire world's population from a resource so wonderful, so freely available to download, albeit copyrighted. She had successfully managed to snatch that little relief from the hands of those over-stressed, underpaid pedagogue folk. No longer were they allowed to utilise a resource due to the fact that Ms. Delilah had decided that pedagogue folk were in essence to stupid to understand what was for free and what wasn't. Hooray for Delilah!


Case Study Chapter 5:

Should Delilah have addressed the issue of the Bossleyans' copyright breach to the Ma instead of avoiding the issue at hand? Why?

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