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Although Ma had never been very proficient at calculating she had a bash at it nevertheless. If 1000 pedagogue folk came to the web site every week and each one downloaded and printed one worksheet that would equate to 1000 worksheets a week. Now each pedagogue person would not be bothered downloading something if they had no intention of using this resource for their students.

So if only 10% of those folk who had downloaded something would utilise their download for their students the amount of copies would equate to how many times the number of students in were in each classroom. Ma calculated that on average there were 25 poor souls chained to their desks on a 5 day on, 2 day off, roster within these educational institutions.

If the pedagogue folk copied for their students it would come to a total of 2500 copies per week or 65000 copies for half a year. This however was very conservative Ma concluded as the statistics indicated that more than one worksheet per visitor was downloaded. And for sure, it seemed a little unbelievable that a busy pedagogue human would bother downloading unless the intention was to utilise the download.

So if for argument's sake all 1000 of these good folk were to copy one worksheet per week it would equate to 25.000 copies per week, or 650.000 copies in half a year. However, statistics do not lie and the aforementioned number of downloads is very much watered down. If Ma were to calculate the correct figures it would grow into the millions of copies which had plundered from the web site.

It was not only Ma's head which was spinning, it was also the bandwidth which was spinning. Bandwidth is the thing which tallies something else of the which I, the writer of this document shall not bother you my dear reader with. During the process of the Bossleyan copyright breach something else came to light which left the poor, poverty stricken piggie family reeling. Apparently there was a resourceful initiative set up by the Government to help authors such as the fair maiden and her forebears receive some remuneration from the good pedagogue folk.

It was called no less than The Copyright Agency. Again the piggie family set in search of what The Copyright Agency was all about and it came to light that they were supposed to contact authors and publishers and let them know that they existed. Not only that they existed but that they also collected monies on behalf of these talented authors and were able to remunerate a little monies to them due to the fact that pedagogue folk were able to utilise their fair use policy or what they called Part VB.

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