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A swift phone call was made to The Agency and it was discovered that yes, there was a little monies there for the hapless fair maiden's Ma. A kind male human continued to explain to Ma that pedagogue folk and their institutions were to report their use of copyrighted materials. So Ma got quite excited which is understandable considering the poverty-stricken circumstances her family had endured for years but this did not last more than 27 seconds.

It came to light that out of the millions of copies made by the pedagogue folk since the year 2000, only two worksheets had been reported and were remunerated by The Agency. Let me reiterate that for you: Out of the millions of copies made by teachers only two have been reported since the year 2000.

The piggy family came to the conclusion that something fishy was going on here. Either pedagogue folk were not reporting the use of their materials, or they were filtering it out before it was reported to The Agency, or it was The Agency itself which was filtering out the piggy family's works so no remuneration would ever need to be made. The question which was asked however was; 'why was it not reported, or why was it filtered out?' To come to that answer you only need to re-read the previous chapters of this document.

Pedagogue folk, attorneys-at-law or The Agency did not understand the word 'free' and 'copyright'. It was a simple clear-cut case of illiteracy among the educated. To misconstrue the word free and the words for sale is quite a hard thing to do, notwithstanding pedagogue folk do it on a daily basis. They flagrantly breach copyright each day as illegal copies are made and utilised for their greenhorns. They not only rape and plunder the once creative minds of the young ones, they also rape and plunder that which should have been rightfully remunerated to creative artists.


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