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But why? Why would such eloquently educated human do such a thing? Greed, selfishness, or maybe because of pride, after all, were they not taught that they are infallible and Part VB covers their misbehaviour?

No. most certainly not. Part VB does not allow for the flagrant breach of copyright conducted on a daily basis by these pedagogical communities. Again, we must come to the conclusion that illiteracy must be rive among these poor souls as they continue to do that which they ought not. As for The Agency, are they to blame for this atrocity committed for so many years?

Ma's calculations seemed fair and if two reported works were remunerated at $1500 how much monies was left unpaid if 20 had been honestly reported and remunerated upon. Now the Pappy was starting to calculate as it went well over the head of the poor Ma. Pappy calculated that 20 works would have been worth $15000.

However, according to the statistics, thousands of works had been downloaded and utilised no doubt over the years. So if 100 works were remunerated it would equate to roughly $75000.

The piggy family had no idea that their work had been copied so many times. It certainly explained to them the reason why sales had stopped after a specific date, as no doubt enough illegal copies had by now circulated among the pedagogue folk and no further acquisitions were necessary. Greedy, seedy, pilfering humans will always walk this earth but they will eventually have to account for their actions and there will be no escape then.

It also accounted for the reason why The Agency had not bothered inviting them to join. Golly, imagine having to pay such large amounts of monies to piggie loving people! No wonder they had kept silent for so many years. You see, The Agency had a policy which basically stated that if no claim was made after a number of years, the unclaimed monies would remain in their posession and that would be beneficial to them of course. Clever little Agency!

No. they were deemed by the Ma as devious, perverse, sly, crafty, dishonest, underhanded, foxy, insidious, and crooked. But how does one like poor old Ma and Pappy deal with all this corruption which is instigated by Government Departments? How do common folk cope with the lies and deceit that goes on behind official doors? How do poor humans manage their pygmy finances when pilfering pirates steal off them, their rightful monies? How do forebears explain to young ones like the fair maiden that she may be wasting her future in trying to carve out a career as a penman?

Do you my dear reader know the answer?

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