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CHAPTER 2 - The youthful fem in Green

Once upon a time in the little town of Green, resided a youthful fem. Would it be an ethical question to ask you what a servant female child of guinea pigs, now matured into a youthful fem, would do with the knowledge she has acquired over a span of several years? As a highly cultivated and esteemed reader you should be able to answer that question without any exertion. It would therefore be unnecessary to state that knowledge has been imparted to humans so that they can impart that which was learned to others.

However, as an author of pedagogical wares I find it necessary to communicate to you the reader the answer to the above question simply because it is apparently my right to be able to express personal believes, according to some attorneys-at-law. In the early sixteen hundreds a gentleman going by the name of James entreated numerous highly educated scholars, these days known as pedagogue folk, to translate out of the original tongues some very exceptional writings.

With the help of former translations, these scholars diligently compared and revised the most wonderful writings a human could ever feast his eyes upon. One portion of the translated writings states the following: 'The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge but fools despise wisdom and instruction.' Incidentally, James was also known as the Mighty Prince and became King of Great Britain, France and Ireland and was known as the defender of faith.

The youthful fem no doubt had a dilemma, as she was a firm believer of the quote previously delivered to you. Now she certainly didn't want to be labeled as a fool and despise the wisdom and instruction she had obtained from caring for her piggy family all these years. She needed to impart her non- pedantic knowledge to the wider community as this was also one of the tasks a human feels compelled to do in order to fulfil their work related responsibilities within their stage of life.

On account of the youthful fem living in the year two thousand and five, this age obligingly contained computers that peep and mutter all day long. She had therefore a somewhat advantage over the scholars noted above and decided to impart her knowledge. Also to indulge others with the instructions on how to care for guinea pigs per se and use her other skill, namely computer knowledge.

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