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At this time computer knowledge was certainly not the only enlightenment this young lass had stored in her cerebral matter. She knew a thing or two using a device called 'digital camera'. So here she was, armed with the two devices, a PC and a camera and decided to give those pigs fame and glory, which would surpass the Royal King James dressed in full apparel parading on Nymboi's number one Highway.

Oh those pigs! They paraded for the lassie, they shined their coats for the camera, and they even turned upside down so she could snap shoot their private parts and inform the humans where their piglets came from. They exhorted themselves climbing on logs, prancing on tank stands, driving in toy trucks and squishing themselves in cold enamel bowls just to prove that they weren't that plump after all. In all likelihood, if seven pigs fitted in one bowl surely they couldn't be as overfed and under worked as portrayed beforehand.

As the months passed and the lassie recorded all that the pigs had to offer, the written documentation started to take shape. She even recorded the visitors who came and went over the months. There was Miss Bat who loved a late night conversation. Mr. Gecko who seemed to have a split with his missus over tail divisions caused by the chemical imbalance humans had spread over his territory. He insisted that it wasn't his fault that his tail had split in two and now he had twice the tail problem than supposedly normal gecko husbands. How could he explain this problem to his missus?

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