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The Law states it very clearly, professors and teachers know of the word, lawyers fight for its cause on a daily basis and yet, this word which means so much and is suppose to protect lassies like the fair maiden, it turned her world and the pigs world upside down. In fact the word in question here is so well known on published documents that it doesn't need to be written in full anymore.

Indeed, it has its own symbol, recognized worldwide and displayed trillions, no uncountable times on almost everything that has been written for past decades. Dare it be printed here and now? Will it offend you or be jubilant received by you as the reader? In all honesty, what will your reaction be to this word, do you think it is immoral, dishonorable, or deceiving?

So are you sitting down, holding your breath and waiting with impatient tapping of your foot? Good, then here is that putrescent word which has caused so much distress and upheaval in the life of the fem and dishonored that exquisite pig family. The word that has caused many a lawyer to produce falsifications within their court rooms. The word that many teachers appear to be immune from and sanctification is automatic because they are teachers.

The word is copyright with its symbol ©

Case Study Chapter 2:

1) Provide legal evidence or a legal statement why a publication which is authored, published with ISBN, front cover and copyright notice is already copyrighted before all the before mentioned attributes were added.

2) Define the word 'copyright' using simple layman's words. Define the word copyright using legal terminology.

3) Identify from the copyright notices displayed previously, any legal problems which could pose a threat or loophole to the owners' copyrighted material. State reasons why you consider certain loopholes or why you could not find one.

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